Monday, March 3, 2008

Off To The Sampler!

Well, here are my little brooches, all ready to go in the box! I made 25 pieces to contribute to The Sampler's April edition. What is The Sampler, you ask? Here is the info, straight from their web site:
"The Sampler is a super fun marketing & promotional tool for indie businesses. Each month, independent crafters, artists, shops, zines and record labels who run web-based businesses send samples and promotional materials to a contribution pool. All the samples are photographed, posted to the site and then are portioned out, put in little packages and sent off to Sampler Subscribers, other Sampler Contributors and members of the Media all over the world!"
This was a really fun project for me, which was suggested by my dear friend and craft goddess Tara (see and I also learned a lot about attempting to "mass produce" items that are handmade. The outcome? I'm just not a mass production kind of girl. I made several items that had similar colors and themes, but every piece was unique.
To learn more about The Sampler, visit

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