Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shower Curtain Complete!

After much fabric hunting online, I came across a lovely coverlet on sale at the Charleston Urban Outfitters (Maria and I took a road trip to S.C. during last week's vacation). This provided PLENTY of fabric for a new shower curtain. I cut it down and hemmed it to standard size, then added button holes across the top for hooks.
Though I generally dread projects involving a lot of fabric wrangling, this one didn't take too long and turned out well. Plus, I have leftover fabric for my ever-growing stash!
Here it is, plus a close-up shot of the fabric design:

I think it looks rather pretty next to my little stained glass window!

1 comment:

austin said...

Your shower curtain is awesome!! I can't wait to visit and see it in person. We already miss you so much- Austin wants to give a big hug to his Aunt Robyn!!