Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ok, So I Lied!

Remember when I said I was only going to add books to my sidebar list that I finished reading in 2008? If not, see for details.
Well, I lied. I keep remembering other AWESOME books that I read last year. Case in point: The Time Traveler's Wife. This is a wonderful book, and you really should find the time to read it if at all possible. What made me remember this book? Well, it appears that a movie version starring Eric Bana (droooooool...) will be coming soon to a theater near you. For more on this, see .
As a general rule (with the exception of To Kill a Mockingbird), movies are never equal to or better than their literary counterparts. So, I urge you to read the book first. Then, go out and enjoy the movie when it's released because, after all, Eric Bana is HOT!

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Laura's Left Hook said...

Love the idea of a list of awesome books. I am trying to write weekly about the books my kids bring home from the library on my blog.

Right now I am reading a kid's book --- The Borrowers Afloat. I read The Borrowers as a kid and never knew there were more books until my daughters came along.