Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thank You Penelope!

Wow! I just learned that I have been awarded the first "You Are No Ordinary Cat" blog prize from Penelope. Where are my notes? Probably under a pile of magazines, yarn, and fabric. I guess I'll have to wing my acceptance speech. I certainly don't want to break the award rules and incur the wrath of Penelope! And I KNOW that Sindri would not appreciate Sadie in our home (see "Watchdog" post below).

I would like to thank Penelope the Cat for awarding me this most prestigious award. I realize there are many fantastic, talented bloggers out there. It is truly an honor to be recognized by such a distinguished feline. Thanks, Penelope. You rule.

Learn more about the fabulous Penelope, who is no ordinary cat herself, at her blog: .

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