Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a spectacular New Year's celebration! We spent it with our good friends, the "McLoxleys."

Jeff, my brother from another mother, officially retired from the petrochemical world to go to school at night and care for baby Sofie during the day (see below). So, I decided he needed a patron saint of mannyhood! In his case, Wicket (at left) will be keeping an eye on things at home while Sylvia is at work! When I saw the online tutorial for Wicket, I knew I had to make him for Jeff! I would guess that Jeff spent a good portion of his childhood wishing he was an Ewok!


Penelope said...

Wicket is way too cool!!!

I want to crochet something. Let's start a craft club!!!


Penelope said...

Did I send you this???


-- P

Meghan said...

Man, Sofie and Wicket have the exact same expressions.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Jeff needs you guys to keep him in his place.


(I'm just now commenting--I've read your blog several times. Sorry for lurking.)

robyn's nest said...

No problem! I wish more of my readers would comment now and then! You're welcome to lurk! Hee, hee!