Friday, January 11, 2008

T-Shirt Reconstruction

Happy Friday! Friday is jeans day at work (for the time being...the corporate goons have organized a dress code committee). So, it was the perfect opportunity to introduce my new t-shirt redesign! I took an old tee, sewed in an asymmetrical foldover collar, and added matching fabric along the bottom hem. Yay! I was really happy with the outcome! Plus, it gave me the opportunity to use some of the cute shell buttons from Grandma Nell's collection!


Penelope said...

Robyn, you simply must quit your job immediately and start a fashion line. If you include kitty panchos, I'll even model them for you. Sadie will too, but I want the cover of your catalogue.

-- P

YogaMomma said...

Too cute! I love the idea and may have to borrow it :-)


austin said...

Robyn!!! I love this collar. It is so chic! By the way, girl, you look tiny. You need to come to ATL and pig out with my pregnant ass.

Anonymous said...

Now this is cute! It looks better on you than it would on I'll let you wear it. I'm very impressed, though!


robyn's nest said...

Thanks everybody!